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Chiropractor Khoa Ta D.C.

Chiropractor Rosemead CA Khoa TaDr. Ta earns a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Anatomy and Physiology with emphasis in spinal bio-mechanic movement and functioning at Cleveland Chiropractic College-LA and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Southern California University of Health Sciences (Cleveland Chiropractic College). He is a Certified Gonstead Extremity Chiropractor in 2010 (Werking on Extremities, A Specific Approach to Extremity Conditions and Care, 2010). His extensive training in functional medicine protocols to balance the body chemistry and physiology using natural organic whole food based nutritional supplementation and life style modifications have changed many lives.  Dr. Ta has many successful experience of identifying the cause of patient’s health issues, where they were unable to obtain results by other methods. His unique knowledge of the human frame and physiology has helped many of his patients prevent DIS-EASE and INJURY from sport to everyday activities.  He provides care for people of all ages; from pregnant and expecting mothers, to newborns, infants, children and the elderly. In addition, he has served many patients through chiropractic missions in Central America (El Salvador and Guatemala) and achieved great results from the care he delivered.

Dr. Ta’s philosophy is, “We are here to H.E.L.P (Health, Education, Longevity through Prevention)”


Chiropractic Rosemead CA JerryHi, my name is Jerry. I came from South Vietnam. I was born in Go Cong, an ancient town in Tien Giang province, a very charming and peaceful place with lot of Vietnamese "Cherry trees"(looking like Cherry but difference taste). GoCong was aslo known as a town of many, many French colonial structures of the 1800s. I came to the US to study and got my MIS degree in 2013. No need to say I have a passion about technology mainly computers. At Better Health INC., I enjoyed working as manager of IT healthcare system and having good experiences with social contacts in the warm and caring clinical environment. I considered myself lucky to be working around happy people, people who are getting so much better with chiropractic care at Better Health Chiropractic Clinic. I think I will be staying in this position for a very, very long time.


Chiropractic Rosemead CA VictoriaHi, my name is Victoria and I grew up in the Mid-West.  I love outdoor sports, and traveling.  Growing up, teachers would teach us the motto of life:  "Helping others is helping yourself".  I strongly believe that this is the key to life in general.  I am new to the healthcare industry, and there's so much to learn.  I am really having a great time helping people get to a "Better Health" condition!


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